New scams are going on in Bejawada, a city in the state of andhra pradesh in India. Being greedy and gets destroyed. Greed is also drowning a handful of victims. New scams spreading in the city are terrorizing the people. Recently an incident came to light that has shocked the people of the city. A woman lawyer placed Rs 65 lakh in the accused's bank account, believing she would be hired by DRDO. The tale took a turn when the lawyer discovered he had been duped and reported it to the cyber police. Gattigunde vidyasagar, a fraudster, was apprehended by the investigating officers. During the police investigation, the two other scams perpetrated by vidyasagar were also discovered. A Delhi-based businessman deposited Rs. 17 lakhs in 2019 believing that breed dogs from abroad were coming.

It has also recently come to light that many people have been duped into believing they will be hired by the government. Is there anything else besides these two cases? Have any of the victims come forward to express their dissatisfaction? The police are looking into it. The growth of cybercrime among vijayawada locals, who have previously been linked to heroin worth Rs 21,000 crore and vijayawada, is causing a new issue.

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