The murder of Anchal Uthra shocked Kerala's conscience. Uthra, a 25-year-old lady with several impairments, was discovered dead at her home in Anchal, kollam district, on May 7, 2020, and it was later discovered that she had died of a snake bite. The kollam Additional Sessions court found Sooraj S Kumar guilty. But yet the final verdict is due to be pronounced.

She had been hurt in a similar event earlier that year at her husband's residence in Adoor. She was bitten by a viper in march 2020, then she was bitten by a cobra in May 2020. Her parents, on the other hand, suspected foul play in their daughter's death and filed a police report. This led to the discovery of a horrific murder that had been meticulously planned.  

In their inquiry, the police discovered that Uthra's husband, Sooraj, had been planning the murder for some time and had twice 'hired' snakes from suresh, a handler from Kalluvathukkal in Kollam. He first hired a viper snake in march 2020 and ensured that Uthra was bitten by the snake. After being bitten by the viper, Uthra was bedridden for 52 days and had to undergo plastic surgery.
When Uthra returned home, Sooraj leased a cobra for Rs 10,000, according to kerala police. The authorities said that forcing Uthra to be bitten by a more deadly snake while she was still recovering from the first attempt amounted to a cruel murder.

Two weeks after Uthra's death, Sooraj was arrested, and snake handler suresh eventually became an approver in the case.

The crime branch also detained Sooraj's father, mother, and sister a few weeks following his arrest. They were accused of conspiracy, domestic violence, and evidence destruction. A part of the gold that Uthra had carried with her was discovered and retrieved buried in the earth behind their Adoor home.

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