Story of 10 gangsters of the country, after killing one, his killers began out dancing in the front of the police gangster lawrence Bishnoi and Brar are withinside the information after the punjabi Gayab Sidhu Moosewala homicide case. lawrence Bishnoi's partner Goldie Brar has claimed obligation for the homicide in a social media post. On the alternative hand, Bishnoi's warring parties are gangsters who've threatened to avenge this homicide. 

1. lawrence Bishnoi Gang: There is speak after the homicide of Sidhu Musewala. Born in Abohar, Punjab, lawrence is the son of a former police constable. lawrence has extra than 30 instances registered in opposition to him. 

2. Sukha Kahlwan Gang: Once upon a time the worry of the notorious gangster Sukha Kahlwan turned unfold in Punjab, Haryana, and rajasthan in addition to West Bengal. 

3. Devender Bambiha Gang: There turned into a time when Devender used to tremble until different gangsters withinside the call of Bambiha gang. Those near lawrence Bishnoi declare that Sidhu Musewala turned into the Devender Bambiha gang. Moosewala had additionally named one in every one of his albums as Bambiha. The gang has been introduced to avenge the homicide of Moosewala. 

4. Badan Singh Baddo: UP police has saved praise of 25 lakhs and delhi police 50 thousand rupees on Badan Singh Baddo, the infamous gangster of western Uttar Pradesh. Badan Singh Baddo's father Charan Singh had left jalandhar withinside the Nineteen Seventies to stay in Meerut, UP. It is stated that he entered the arena of crime in 1988. 

5. Gurbaksh Sevwala Gang: In Punjab, Haryana, and rajasthan, there is lots of dialogue approximately the notorious Gurbaksh gang for homicide, theft, kidnapping, and ransom. The chief of this gang, Ranjit Sevewala, turned into killed in 2015. After this, his brother Gurbaksh is jogging this gang. Gurbaksh turned into additionally stuck in 2017, however even these days he's running the crowd from prison.

 6. Jaggu Bhagwanpuria Gang: This gang is maximum lively in Punjab. Kidnapping, recovery, and dual carriageway theft are the unique professions of this gang. The head of the crowd is Jaggu Bhagwanpuria. He turned into arrested with the aid of using the police in 2015 itself.

 7. Shahabuddin and Ataur Rehman Gang: These infamous gangsters of Uttar Pradesh were dodging the UP police for lots of years. It is stated that each of them was a sharpshooter of Mukhtar Ansari. Both are citizens of Muhammadabad of Ghazipur. The call of each additionally got here withinside the homicide of mla Krishnanand Rai. Both have extra than 20 instances registered in opposition to them. The Uttar Pradesh police has positioned praise of lakh rupees on each of them.

 8. raghavendra Yadav gang: raghavendra Yadav gang has come to be a larger crook than Sriprakash Shukla UP police has introduced praise of Rs 25 lakh on gangster raghavendra Yadav, the desired to be accused and gangster withinside the homicide of 4 humans of the identical own circle of relatives in shanghai of Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh. 

9. Chairman Yadav and Brothers Gang: Subhash and Brothers gang residing in Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh is likewise mentioned withinside the complete state. 

10. Gondor and Brother Gang: The call of Gonder and Brothers is covered withinside the maximum risky gangsters of Punjab. Its head is Vicky Gondar. This is the identical Vicky Gonder, who killed Punjab's well-known gangster Sukha Kahlwan in huge daytime in police custody. After this, the killers danced in front of the police. The identical gang is likewise accused of threatening punjabi singer Mankirat Aulakh. Vicky Gounder is presently in prison and from there he's running the whole gang. Recently, after the homicide of Sidhu Musewala, his gang has additionally introduced revenge.

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