Fake job agency deceived 120 people in Mumbai...

Two persons were taken into custody by Mumbai's Santa Cruz police in november 2023 for allegedly defrauding over 120 individuals of Rs 2 crore on the false pretense of providing them with jobs in gulf nations. Ghulamgaus Jahangirdar and Faiyaz Khan, the accused, established a fictitious company called Ocean HR Enterprises. They used social media to court people by promising easy work and huge salaries. The people who fell for the trick stole money from them under the guise of processing and registration fees. They also provided fictitious membership letters, employment offer letters, and airline tickets to the victims after robbing them of their money. He then fled, closing his office after this.

One victim, Valsad Rasikbhai Patel, had a passport and Rs 69,000 taken from him by the con artist. Two days prior to his scheduled journey to turkey on november 29, 2023, he learned that his ticket was counterfeit. More than 150 job seekers got together and headed to the Santa Cruz police station after realizing they had been misled. Arshad Ansari and his companions were charged with fraud for deceiving the victims.

Many detained after a fake job scheme was exposed

Across the nation, numerous phony employment schemes were revealed last year. Four Assamese nationals were detained by punjab police for operating a global network of phony online job postings. An organization that deceived people into believing they would be hired by the government was revealed by the odisha Police. With a possible scam worth Rs 250 crore, kerala police had busted an online employment network. Three members of a group operating a fictitious job scheme across many states were apprehended by the CBI. The chief of the group operating a phony employment agency was uncovered by mumbai police, who also took his wife into custody. These are but a few instances. This could not even get close to the true figure.

After obtaining details regarding the bank accounts where the victims had placed money for the con artists, the police detained the suspects. The suspects had stolen passports and cash from the victims, ranging from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh, according to the police. Fake airline tickets and employment offer letters were also presented to him. At least 124 victims' passports as well as other paperwork taken from the accused were found by the police.

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