It is well known that the tollywood drugs case takes on new twists on a daily basis. Another significant event in this drug case, which has already taken a critical turn, has occurred. Instead of attending the trial, the major suspects in this narcotics case to the Excise Department are spreading turmoil. For the tollywood narcotics case, Excise has produced 12 charge sheets.

Santosh Deepak, the accused in the narcotics case, has been missing since 2019. Kelvin, who is also a significant player in the investigation, hasn't been seen in court since 2020. Despite three court summonses, Kelvin has yet to appear in court. Since 2018, Aboobacker has not appeared in court. Sohel has eluded apprehension in the Mushirabad excise case. Not to mention Mike Kaminga's has escaped to abroad. The drug case trial is stalled since the defendants are not present. Even if non-bailable warrants are issued against the accused, there is negligence in apprehending them. The celebs of tollywood are presently coming before the authorities for questioning, according to reports. So far many inquiries related to this case is going on but still, the police seem to have trouble to unwind the case as the key parts of the case still remained unanswered.

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