Why is XBB.1.16 dangerous to the public?

The XBB.1.16 variant spreads extremely fast. This is a hybrid variant, which belongs to the XXB family of Covid. This is such a variant prepared from the mutation of SARS CoV 2, whose infectious speed is very fast. Dr. Anurag Saxena, HOD, Internal Medicine, Primus Super Specialty Hospital, New delhi says, 'XBB is a hybrid variant consisting of two variants of Omicron. It neutralizes the immunity gained from prior infection and vaccination. It is capable of penetrating immunity and spreads rapidly.

What are the symptoms of this variant?

The symptoms of the XBB.1.16 variant are similar to those of Omicron. If you have high fever for more than 48 hours, cough, sore throat and body ache, abdominal pain and chills, then you should get checked. If you see such symptoms, immediately isolate yourself from the family and get tested.

How dangerous is the XXB.1.16 variant?

The variant can be dangerous for people suffering from co-morbidities, elderly, heart patients, asthma, TB, sugar and kidney patients. The best way to avoid this is vaccination. The vaccine will give the right immunity against it.

Is there a need for a fourth booster dose?

No. Experts say that those who have got both the doses of Covid vaccine, have developed enough immunity in their body. Herd immunity has also developed. In such a situation, at present, experts are not advising for the fourth dose.

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