Russia's school curriculum mandated military training...

The Russian education ministry has mandated that basic military training be taught beginning in september of this year as part of the country's secondary school curriculum, the british Defense Ministry announced today. In its most recent intelligence report, the MoD noted that the Russian ministry of education "has recently provided further detail on the rollout of the previously reported intention to integrate basic military training in Russia's secondary school curriculum."

The module will teach pupils about "training with AK series assault weapons and hand grenades, military exercise and salutes, and the use of personal protective equipment," it was noted. The module will be a part of the "Basics of Life Safety" course. The Russian government intends to begin the training programme by september, with a minimum of 140 hours required per academic year.

""The lessons shall be compulsory from september 1, 2023. A "military training basics" programme for university students was also announced by the ministry of science and higher education in december 2022, according to the government.

According to the article's conclusion, the programmes "note the growing militarised climate in post-Soviet Russia, as well as being a (probably intentional) evocation of the Soviet Union, when similar training was required in schools up until 1993."

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