The question paper's entire format will alter...?

Up until now, the examination process has solely evaluated pupils based on their recollection, having them discuss and assess what they had committed to memory. While there were some questions that assessed one's critical thinking skills, the open book system's main goals were higher order thinking, analysis, and problem solving. This will alter the format of question papers in their entirety. The written response will differ from the conventional responses. It calls for ingenuity at times. It makes no difference how many books you have in front of you when writing creatively. But you are by yourself when you try to write on that subject. Here, too, the circumstances are nearly the same. There are attempts underway to advance it. The quality of education is a concern; in the past, the goal was to manage schools before implementing universal education. Currently, efforts are being made to offer high-quality instruction.

Greater focus on teacher preparation

This is solely the result of a teacher change. There is only one textbook, and excellent teachers are the only ones who can help pupils get better. Even good kids can turn terrible if their teacher is not good. Given that the last two years have seen CBSE's operations focused on training, as well as the institutions operating in various states at the level of NCRT and SCRT across the nation, greater emphasis must be placed on teachers and on providing them with high-quality training. Training teachers is becoming increasingly important, and money for it is increasing. But caution must also be used to guarantee that the training being given is of a high caliber. To enable pupils to express themselves, teachers must also receive training in creating question papers.

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