Why is the english learning market growing?

English is a language that connects people from different countries all over the world. It is the second most spoken language in the world. Nowadays English has become a common language in business and offices. English is the second most spoken language in the world and is also the most used official language. Even though most people in the world speak Chinese and Spanish, English is most preferred for business and trade.

Therefore, nowadays good english is very important to get success in any job. This opens the way for career advancement. Many companies now hire employees from abroad also. In such a situation, if you speak good english, you can get a chance to work in foreign companies also. Good communication skills are very important while working in office or during interviews. By learning English you can present yourself effectively in front of others.

How many people speak english around the world?

According to German company Babbel GmbH, in the year 2021, about 1.35 billion people worldwide spoke English. The thing to note is that the total population of the world is about 7.8 billion. Of these, there are about 36 crore people whose native language is English. In Europe, about 212 million people speak english, while in India this figure is about 265 million. About 35 crore people living in America speak English. In America alone there are about 297 million people whose native language is English and in Canada about 30 million people speak English. 

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