Tamil Nadu school Reopening

Tamilnadu school Reopening Postponed: good news for students.. Is the reopening of schools in tamilnadu postponed?

While it was announced that the schools will open on june 6 after the summer vacation, it has been reported that there may be a change in that date.

Tamil Nadu Schools

In tamil Nadu, the general examination for classes 10, 11 and 12 was held from march 1 to april 8. Due to the lok sabha elections, the exams for other classes were conducted early and the summer vacation was announced from april 24. Also, the exam results for class 10th, 11th and 12th students were published on 6th and 10th.

School education Department

After this, the enrollment of students in schools is going on. In this situation, the question arose among the parents when the school will resume. As the election results will be announced on june 4, it was reported that schools will open on june 10. However, the Department of education has announced that schools will open on june 6 for classes 1 to 12.

Tamil Nadu school Reopening

In this case, there is a demand to postpone the opening of schools. That is, if the school starts on Thursday, june 6th, since the school will run only one day later, various parties are saying that the schools should be opened from june 10th, that is, Monday.

Tamil Nadu school Reopening Postponed

It is said that there is a possibility of change in the opening date of the school due to this. It is said in reliable sources that an announcement in this regard is likely to be made soon.

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