School Reopen: Sweet on the first day of school reopening.. tamilnadu government said good news..!

The tamil Nadu government has ordered to provide pongal sweets to school students on june 10, the first day of opening of schools.

School Reopen

While the birthday of late former chief minister karunanidhi was celebrated on june 3, all schools have been ordered to provide sweet pongal to the students on june 10, the first day of school opening after the summer vacation.

Tamil Nadu Govt

In a press release issued by the Social Welfare Commissioner in this regard: Give sweet pongal to the school children benefiting from the revolutionary leader MGR nutrition scheme on the birthday of Dr. Kalayan m. karunanidhi and use rice in the amount of rice allowed for daily nutrition to the children benefiting in the children's centers / nutrition centers.

Sweet Pongal

It is mandated that food organizers are allowed to purchase jaggery and other items for Sweet pongal within the catering cost (excluding fuel) on the day of Sweet Pongal.

Government school Students

The sweet pongal to be distributed on the occasion of the artist's birthday on 3rd june, since the schools did not start after the summer vacation, the Additional education Officer, school education Department, chennai Metropolitan Municipality and all district Collectors will take action to distribute Sweet pongal in all schools on 10.06.2024, the first day after the vacation. interview Assistant (Nutrition) has been instructed.

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