Hallmarking is required when selling gold...

Selling antique gold jewellery could result in a loss for you. people frequently can't acquire decent deals since they don't have enough knowledge. Examining the hallmark will reveal how many carats the gold is. As of april 1, 2023, hallmarking will be required by the government for the sale of gold jewellery. The Hallmark Unique Identification Number (HUID) is required in order to sell used jewellery.

Jewellery that you have bought before the hallmarking rule going into effect cannot be exchanged or sold. It is required to have vintage gold jewellery hallmarked before selling it. The Bureau of indian Standards (BIS) states that ancient jewellery can be simply hallmarked if it isn't already.

24k gold is not used to make jewellery.

Since all gold jewellery is 100% pure gold and requires a combination of other metals to be made, 24k is not printed on any gold jewellery. Metals like copper, silver, and platinum must be combined to create jewellery. gold in 24k is thought to be the best investment. Most jewellery is made of 22k or 18k gold.

The indian government has enforced HUID-based hallmarking for gold jewelry and artifacts in order to safeguard consumers against fraudulent activities and maintain consistent gold quality standards throughout the nation. If jewelers break the ban, they could be fined five times the value of the jewelry, imprisoned for a year, or both.

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