Is it safe to consume cow's milk that contains H5N1 virus?

Experts are already quite concerned about bird flu caused by H5N1. If they are to be believed, the mortality toll from this disease might be 100 times higher than from COVID-19 and it could spread quickly. The research claims that this virus has now progressed to the stage where it can cause an outbreak anywhere in the world. The World health Organization (WHO) has now reported that raw milk from sick animals includes high concentrations of the bird flu H5N1. How long this virus can remain in milk, however, is still unknown.

Recently, Texas, America's cows contracted the avian flu. Because of the way these cows were cared for, a worker at a dairy farm there also contracted this illness. According to the World health Organization (WHO), this is cause for concern. Up until now, birds have been the primary carrier of bird flu; nevertheless, cows have suddenly become human hosts for the first time. According to some scientists, the avian flu virus is evolving. This disease is now spreading from cow to cow as well as from cow to bird. Previously, it was only known to pass from birds to cows. The fact that this virus has also been discovered in the milk of sick cows is further cause for alarm. Scientists are surprised by this since they did not anticipate that goats and cows could contract the flu. However, further research showed that some cows were truly afflicted with the word flu.

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