Does avian flu pose a greater risk than Corona?

The H5N1 bird flu virus was discovered for the first time in 1996. However, since 2020, its rate of spread has been dramatically accelerating. This virus has killed millions of hens. sea life, terrestrial animals, and wild birds are all becoming infected with it. Goats and cows are now also being affected by this illness. The main worry at this point is that people could contract this virus as well. Because of this, the european Union's Food Safety Agency (EFSA) has issued a warning that this virus may become a serious epidemic if it spreads quickly among people. Data from the World health Organization (WHO) show that since 2003, 52% of persons who have contracted the H5N1 virus have passed away.

This indicates that over 50 people died for every 100 sick individuals. It's important to remember that this number has significantly decreased in the case of COVID-19. Currently, the percentage of mortality attributable to corona infection is 0.1%, down from 20% at the start of the pandemic. However, the mortality rate from avian flu is far higher than this.

Is drinking cow-buffalo milk safe?

According to the united states Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there is now little risk to the general public. Particularly for individuals who do not reside around ill animals. government agencies are monitoring the situation closely and determining whether the virus poses a greater threat to people. You must, however, limit your milk consumption to pasteurized varieties if you want to be healthy right now.

If you consume pasteurized milk, there is no need for concern. The Food and Drug Administration in the united states states that pasteurization is a prerequisite for selling milk since it eliminates viruses such as avian flu.

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