A new virus in China..!?  Next Fear..!?

It should be said that china has shaken the world in the form of Corona epidemic! It is not an exaggeration to say that the name of the virus is a threat to the planet. In this order, another virus has come to the fore in China! Yes... a discussion about another virus has started in china, which is said to be the birthplace of the coronavirus that has ravaged the world. But with China's way of telling the reason for its production, the discussion has come to the fore whether another tension is wrong for the world. Now let's see what is the virus, why was it developed, and what the reason china says for it...!
Scientists at Hebei Medical university in china have created a new virus that can kill a person in just three days! This new synthetic virus similar to the Ebola virus was recently tested on about 10 hamsters. It is said that they died within three days due to multi-organ failure. Yes... After these hamsters died, the researchers cut their organs and analyzed the effect of the virus. At this time... it is known that the virus has accumulated in tissues such as the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, intestines, and brain, so... it is said that it shows devastating effects in humans too!
But the Chinese version of this synthetic virus is different. As part of this, the purpose of this experiment is to find out the effect of Ebola on humans and ways to treat it. With this, the question of what will happen if this virus enters the people from the lab by mistake but on purpose has come to the fore. It is known that the Ebola virus is considered one of the most deadly viruses due to its high death rate and severe symptoms. It last showed a strong impact between 2014-2016. Part of this mainly affected many West African countries leading to many deaths.

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