Farmer movements in the past weren't violent...

Rakesh Tikait's father, mahendra singh Tikait, led the largest farmer movement in the nation following independence. Rakesh Tikait participates in the movement of farmers. Aggression did not exist at that period. It is accurate to say that he carried goats, cows, buffaloes, and cattle with him when he was stopped by the police, and he let them roam the streets of Delhi. 

In Khatauli, mahendra singh Tikait spearheaded a movement under the reign of Veer Bahadur Singh in Uttar Pradesh. An attempt was made to restrain the movement. Eventually, kalyan Singh made an attempt to put an end to the movement as well, but it didn't go violent. Still, the preceding motion that occurred. There is concern that the indian government, whether it be the government of UP or Haryana, may not send these agitators to delhi given the turmoil that the farmers' movement of 2020 caused on the city's streets, particularly in Nangloi, ITO, and red Fort. They're trying to get in by putting nails in. 

While it is not inherently undesirable to have a movement, gandhi went on to say that such a movement was unnecessary once india gained her independence. Sardar patel was particularly opposed to these violent movements, which at the time originated in andhra pradesh and are still evident today in the shape of Naxalism. Subsequently, he stated that such movements were unnecessary in an independent india since the government would not allow them.

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