Farmers' demands and the government's prior promises..?

Farmers have certain requirements. According to farmer organizations, these demands are not novel. The majority of these demands are not new, and the Modi government has been promising things regarding them. The assurance of the Minimum Support Price, or MSP, is the farmers' top priority if we look at their demands. Farmers want the Modi administration to pass legislation ensuring maximum support payments (MSP) for their crops. All commodities should be purchased under the MSP Guarantee Act, which would fix agricultural prices using the C2+50% formula in accordance with the swaminathan Commission's suggestion.

In addition to the MSP guarantee, there are numerous other requirements in the form of.

farmers' loan waiver

It is time for india to leave the World Trade Organization.

In order to lower import duties on agricultural goods such milk products, fruits, vegetables, and meat, allowances should be raised.

Farmers and agricultural workers over the age of fifty-eight should be covered by a pension program that provides a monthly income of Rs 10,000.

The government should foot the insurance premium under the prime minister Crop Insurance Scheme, which should be upgraded.

Every crop ought to be included in the insurance plan's coverage.

When calculating the loss under the insurance plan, farm acres should be taken into account as a unit.

The Land Acquisition Act of 2013 ought to be applied in its original form, and the Center's directives to the states regarding this matter ought to be revoked.

Employment should be available under MNREGA for 200 days annually, and agriculture should be covered. Additionally, pay should be raised to Rs 700 per day under MNREGA.

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