Farmers are demonstrating throughout Europe...

The international Monetary Fund and the World bank have called for the corporatization of agriculture, and this is what the congress Party's manmohan singh agenda is to blame for. The Manmohanomics of his successor government have made the marketing problems worse. In 2006, bihar eliminated APMs, or mandis, under the UPA government. This resulted in the purchase ceasing. punjabi farmers rush to bihar, purchase grains, transport them back to Punjab, sell them at MSP, and make money. Bihar's farmers are concerned. Farmers have been conducting lengthy marches in the past few years, both during the UPA administration and the nda in 2021. There have been protracted dharnas at Delhi's borders with UP and Haryana. There are many parallels. Farmers are demonstrating throughout europe in Romania, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland.

Polish farmers have pushed for negotiations from the government by vociferously opposing grain imported from neighboring Ukraine. Farmers in germany blocked highways for a week in january to protest against reductions in diesel subsidies, while the government of delhi blocked roadways to bar farmers from entering the nation's capital. indian farmers are paying nearly twice as much for gasoline and diesel as they do for crude oil internationally, but they haven't yet staged a protest. He paid EMIs for seven years on his ten-year-old new cars and tractor, which were illegally seized by the NGT-sponsored auto lobby, but he did not even object. They had to deal with having their land taken for the construction of roads with absurdly exorbitant tolls. Farmers that grow grains, horticulture, or seafood are being destroyed by climate-related issues.

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