What is the length of a new road created each year?

India's road network covered less than 53 lakh kilometres up till 2013. By december 2022, it has risen to almost 64 lakh kilometres in nine years. This indicates that about a lakh kilometres of new roads are built annually on average. In terms of national highways, 53,668 km have been constructed in the last nine years. That equates to about 5000 km annually.

Road network based on population

India spans 32 lakh 87 thousand 263 square kilometres. This indicates that india has 1.94 km of roads per square kilometer. It is significantly more than china, America, and Brazil, and on par with Hong Kong. In india, there are 5.13 km of roads for every 1000 people, according to the population. china has more, while America has less.

India's road quality

India's roads are becoming better, but they are still not as good as those in china or the US. Given the size of india, not all of its roads may be of the same caliber. While some roads are in poor shape, others are in fair condition. The National Highway is in generally good shape. State and rural roads are in poorer shape than federal routes. India's road infrastructure is still deficient. Another major issue is road maintenance.

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