Where is the traffic gridlock located on Earth's surface?

Traffic bottlenecks on the highways of major nations are caused by a variety of factors. The primary causes include too many cars on the road, inadequate infrastructure, traffic accidents, and bad road conditions. The survey states that thailand has the worst traffic congestion. bangkok traffic bottlenecks claimed the lives of 61 hours of people on average in 2023. spent 56 hours a day on average stuck in traffic in Bogota, Colombia. Following this, commuters in Jakarta, indonesia were stranded in traffic for 53 hours on average per hour.

In India, traffic congestion is also a major issue. The typical daily traffic gridlock in delhi lasts for four hours, in mumbai for three hours, in chennai for two hours, in Bengaluru for two hours, and in kolkata for two hours. Jams cause people to become stressed, spend a lot of time, and use more oil and pollute the environment.

In India, where is the highest concentration of flyovers?

India's cities are all renowned for having unique identities. chennai, which is well-known for its flyovers, is one such city. There are a maximum of 272 flyovers in Chennai. Located here is the most renowned flyover, Kathipada. It resembles a grass leaf in shape. delhi is referred to as the "city of flyovers," after Chennai. Here, too, there are over 250 flyovers. Following this, mumbai has roughly 176 flyovers, Bengaluru has 100, and hyderabad has 80.

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