Universe of birds is getting smaller due to human attention..?

It is a well-known fact that practically all plants and animals were present on Earth before there were any humans. If the earth is only a day old, or 24 hours old, then man has only been on this planet for a few seconds. And in the space of a few seconds, we have brought about a state of affairs in which countless long-living plants, animals, and trees are experiencing harmful effects, some of which are endangering their very existence. 

For instance, birds have been roaming the planet for 60 lakh years, but humans have only been here for 3 lakh years. Despite this, we regard ourselves to be the masters of both the ground and the sky. have evolved into a danger to soaring birds.

Numerous bird species have become extinct.

A recent study that was published in Nature Communication claims that at least 1430 bird species have vanished entirely due to human activity. This indicates that one out of every nine bird species has become unbalanced, either as a result of overhunting, deforestation, air and water pollution, loud noises, or the sparkling lights of cities. have vanished as a result of extinction and climate change. 

Less than 11,000 bird species are extinct now, representing 12% of all bird species. This decline is directly attributable to human civilization over the past 130,000 years, either directly or indirectly. About 30,000 years ago, when people began cutting forests and engaging in excessive hunting to satisfy their needs, the extinction of birds began. Not only did animals such as rats, dogs, and pigs begin to cause problems for the birds and their nests, but they also began consuming the food that the birds were providing for them. As a result, the majority of birds went extinct before human civilization could flourish. 

As a result, not only did bird species go extinct, but their crucial function in the ecosystem—which involves seed distribution and plant and tree fertilization—was also impacted.

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