The earth's diversity is enhanced by birds...

The world of birds is incredibly diverse, and their yearly migration travels across thousands of kilometres are precise, demanding, and necessary for their species' existence. Birds migrate over great distances for reasons other than ecological requirements or weather variations. They travel to warmer regions (the South), where resources are plentiful, as winter draws near in the Northern Hemisphere due to the lack of food available there. In a similar manner, they resume their breeding areas when spring approaches and start a new cycle. Migration routes occur not only in the winter but in all seasons, depending on the species and location. 

Numerous birds travel thousands of miles over numerous climatic zones, continents, and oceans. Every year, the Arctic Tern, a bird species, flies 44000 miles from its home region in the Arctic to Antarctica, the opposite pole of the planet. Bird migration is a good indicator of seasonal changes. The Chatak bird, also known as the Jacob Cuckoo, migrates to india during the summer months from Africa and brings rain with it. The approach of the monsoon is indicated by the presence of the Chatak bird here. Bird migration follows a predetermined path that is thought to be specific to each species and location.

Flyways, the name for contemporary air routes, are comparable to migration pathways. There are nine flyways in all where birds migrate along the Central Asian Flyway to reach India.

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