First, let's examine reasons why nation needs manufacturing..?

Consider yourself without a car, toys, or clothes. There's not enough food for you to eat. You are jobless and lack a place to live. An imagined world without manufacturing looks like this. Places where items are made are called factories. such as homes, automobiles, food, clothing, toys, and a lot more. The most significant part of the nation's economy is its factories. people are employed by factories. In order to meet their requirements, people work in factories to make money. This location produces a wide range of goods utilized by consumers worldwide.

A significant part of the nation's development is attributed to factories. They support the uptake of new technology, the enhancement of infrastructure, and the improvement of people's quality of life. As a result, the nation exports more goods. generates foreign exchange revenue for the nation by marketing indian goods abroad. Taxes are paid to the government. This tax is used by the government for social and development initiatives.

How many factories in india are registered?

As per the 2021-2022 government study, india has 2,50,000 registered factories out of a total of 49,987. This is the overall number, which comprises closed and operating entities. 2 lakh 576 of these are in use. These include factories that are actively producing as well as those that are not actively producing but are nonetheless hiring workers. All factories that are registered have a total fixed capital of Rs 37.26 lakh crore. Assets that are employed repeatedly to create a product are known as fixed capital. Despite continuously losing value, these do not vanish. like structures, machines, and equipment.

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