The political aspects of casting ballots in support of GDP...

Every political party is working hard to get ready for the general elections of 2024 by preparing discussions and problems pertaining to those elections. This includes both the opposition and the ruling party. The Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, is one such subject. The political struggle between the congress and the bjp to elevate GDP to a political priority appears to be getting more intense by the day.

The dispute about GDP appears to be between the Modi administration and the UPA government. According to the bjp, india has achieved previously unheard-of GDP growth for the past ten years under prime minister Narendra Modi's nda administration. congress is responding in kind, asserting that india outperformed the Modi administration in terms of GDP under the UPA administration, which was led by former prime minister Manmohan Singh. Both parties provide numbers to back up their assertions.

Politics vying with economic evidence

Political attacks between the two parties also center on GDP estimates and the size of the indian economy. Recently, the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation's National Statistics office (NSO) made available the economic growth data for the third quarter of the fiscal year 2023–2024. According to some reports, the predicted GDP for the third quarter of 2023–2024 is Rs 43.72 lakh crore. This amount is 8.4% more than it was in the third quarter of 2022–2023. It also states that a 7.6 percent GDP growth rate is projected for 2023–2024. 7% GDP growth was projected for 2022–2023. These numbers are all based on 2011–12 constant prices.

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