Four reasons why country's youth population decreasing...?

1. Fertility rate: The decrease in a nation's fertility rate is one of the main causes of that nation's declining youth population. There has been a decrease in the fertility rate in india for a few years now.

To put it plainly, the fertility rate is the average number of children born to a given woman. Regarding the fertility rate in india, it decreased to 2.0 in NFHS-5 (2019–2021) from 2.2 in NFHS-4 (2015–2016).

2. Growing life expectancy: To put it simply, the rate of increase in life expectancy is rising. This indicates that a person used to pass away between the ages of 60 and 65 earlier. Their death age has now grown because of improved health services and a higher quality of life.

3. Crude death rate: The number of deaths per 1,000 persons. This is also thought to be one of the causes of any nation's declining youth population.

4. Infant death Rate: This refers to a nation's newborn death rate. The number of infant deaths per 1000 births is indicated by the infant mortality rate. Regarding india, in 2011 there were 44 fatalities for every 1000 births; by 2019, that number had dropped to 30.

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