The unwillingness of sbi to divulge information..?

The election commission must receive all of the information by march 12 evening, according to a court order issued on march 11. In this case, the supreme court grants sbi an exception. The bank is requested by the court to provide the election commission with distinct lists of donors and political parties that are redeeming their bonds instead of matching the bonds. A censure for contempt from the supreme court has consequences. By the evening of march 12th, sbi provides the election commission with both kinds of information.

SBI requested an extension until june 30th in order to furnish information regarding electoral bonds. Information is sent within 30 hours of receiving confirmation. It makes sense that the public would begin to lose faith in the biggest government bank in the nation with such an attitude. The bank is also investigated at the same time. Not only that, but sbi has remained within the suspicious circle even after providing information to the election Commission.

Attempting to conceal something despite providing information The election commission has received two separate kinds of information from the SBI. The donor's name is listed under the first piece of information, indicating that they bought electoral bonds from particular sbi offices. This applies to both people and businesses. The names of political parties that have cashed in their electoral bonds are listed under the second piece of information. Which party has received a specific bond cannot be determined based on these two distinct forms of information. This implies that matching a certain bond with a certain political party is nearly impossible. is only speculative. 22,217 electoral bonds in total were bought between april 1, 2019, and february 15. Out of them, political parties cashed 22,030 bonds.

It is imperative to thoroughly comprehend the information provided by SBI. The first set of information includes the buyer's name, the date each bond was acquired, and the bond's denomination (or price). The denomination of the bond, the name of the political parties receiving donations, and the date of the bond's redemption are among the additional details. sbi provided information while concealing a fact.

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