Bengaluru a glimpse; entire country to deal with water crisis..?

All nations are being subtly impacted by climate change, but southern countries' cities are most severely affected. The three necessities for life are food, water, and air, and our cities are failing to provide these needs. There is a shortage of water, even from neighboring locations hundreds of kilometers away, as the air grows more and more hazardous. Over the last ten years, Bengaluru, the nation's Silicon Valley, has gone into undeclared form as soon as summer arrives because of a lack of water, while delhi, the capital city, has celebrated a "pollution holiday" at the start of winter owing to the air being intolerable. 

The trend toward working from home has begun. While delhi may not have as good of air as Bengaluru has, when it comes to water, Bengaluru appears to be a model for other cities, including delhi, much like Cape Town, South Africa, which has been without water for a while.

Water crisis are well-known in Cape Town.

Cape Town, South Africa, made headlines throughout the world from 2015 to 2019 due to the biggest water crisis in the last 400 years; in fact, the city almost ran out of water in 2018. When only 13.5% of the water remains at the dam that supplies water to Cape Town, the situation is referred to as "zero water." Bengaluru, India's Silicon Valley, is almost ready to become Cape Town. The water level in 6,900 of the megacity's 13,900 borewells has dropped. 

Any use of water other than for vital purposes, such as washing cars, swimming pools, or even gardens, is subject to a fine of up to Rs 5,000. There's also irrigation. Built over the city's ponds, the big, shining skyscrapers are emblems of modern prosperity, but their taps and showers are empty. The city's working young, who make up around 65,000 IT companies, are now requesting the option to work from home in order to use less water for their daily routines. Tankers are now an essential part of the daily lives of the wealthy and well-to-do in the city, even if the cost of supplying water via them is rapidly increasing.

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