India will not permit taking of even one inch of its territory...

The expansionist tendencies of china are widely known. CDS Anil Chauhan made a statement recently about China. He has been making statements on china nonstop. He has recently stated that india must exercise caution when dealing with pakistan and China. For india, these are issues. The important thing is that they are friends with one another. The Chinese daily "Global Times" also carried a response to the CDS statement. Tensions between china and india already exist. china recently declared that Arunachal Pradesh is an essential component of their country. This could be how CDS responds to the same thing. india is vehemently against this assertion.

China causes pain to all of its neighbors.

China is an empire-building nation. china has boundary disputes with 27 countries in total, not just India. china claims that its neighbors have been occupying its territory illegally. Looking back into history reveals that china was once a small nation, but that it has since expanded and annexed numerous other nations. china occupies tibet as well, and china is progressively eradicating the customs, cultural legacy, and way of life of the Tibetan people. 

There are also human rights violations occurring. In connection with it, china examines Arunachal Pradesh. Arunachal Pradesh has been a vital component of india for many years, despite China's claims that it is essentially South Tibet. It does not belong in Tibet. india has always refuted China's comments on this subject. china is actually anxious for a number of reasons, one of which is the Prime Minister's commissioning of the Sela Tunnel. This is the highest by-lane tunnel in the world, and it runs from guwahati to Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh. Regular people, soldiers, and other activities pass through this tunnel with ease. Although there has been preparation for this for a few years, the movement has just begun following its inauguration.

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