Terrorism is a major problem in Pakistan...

Pakistan appears to be harvesting the fruits of its labor. He has consistently misbehaved with india in this way. After he was unable to directly win the war, he persisted in his similar actions and caused protracted unrest in Kashmir. Currently, pakistan sowed the same crop that is being recovered from Afghanistan. The Taliban owes its origins solely to Pakistan. pakistan is entirely responsible for the leadership of the Taliban. Taliban is a word that refers to madrassa students. 

Pakistan has endured the terrorism plague for over two decades. pakistan lost 83 thousand lives and more than 35 trillion rupees in revenue between 2001 and 2022. As a result, there is a rise in radicalism, violence, and intolerance in society.

The Taliban were jointly formed by pakistan and the United States. The Taliban were once supported by pakistan, but they are now a menace to the country and are being attacked. They are now also posing a threat to society. According to an analysis, there were 527 terrorist attacks in 2023, according to the South Asia terrorism Portal. government estimates state that 500 soldiers and 400 civilians perished in this. pakistan is caught up in all of this, whether it is in the afghanistan or iran border regions, and this terrorist is causing problems for Pakistan. But as it is, there doesn't appear to be a route out.

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