Pakistan will face bankruptcy...let's know...

In spite of the IMF loan issue, Pakistan's current economic state is dire. According to recent IMF estimates, pakistan has a 75% risk of going bankrupt. Presently, china, saudi arabia, and the United Arab Emirates have deposited a guarantee of $7.69 billion in Pakistan. It is theirs to take whenever they please. For this reason, Pakistan's condition remains dire. pakistan may find itself in peril if it becomes embroiled in a conflict. 

Given that America has already distanced itself from pakistan, a significant question is who will pull pakistan out of this predicament. china remains a part of our world, but it solely considers itself. He has also rendered other nations bankrupt. Chinese citizens are also being assassinated in balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan under the guise of the Belt and Road Initiative. Two or three days ago, there was also a significant attack in Balochistan. china is a fully professional country, but pakistan has failed in every aspect of life. Similar to the Belt and Road Initiative, the current development is equivalent to lending money with interest. pakistan won't receive assistance from china for a while. pakistan will therefore now be expecting from Muslim nations, such as saudi arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Other than this, no other nation can assist.

Pakistan suffered greatly from terrorism

No one will support terrorists unless pakistan effectively combats them, yet pakistan views terrorism as a tool for foreign policy. It is also possible to argue that the pressure the Modi government put on pakistan on a global scale contributed to its current state. Pakistan's exposure has resulted in a lack of help from other countries. 

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