Internet including political accusations and refutations...

At this moment, the national climate ought to be one in which every type of conversation features only the face of the public. Public problems should have been given adequate space in discussions, whether they were political or media-related. Ironically, the reverse has occurred. Similar to the previous five years, political accusations and denials have replaced concerns affecting the general public throughout the election season.

There are no public questions or concerns on the ballot during elections.

The public is absent from a number of platforms including the mainstream media. There are no widespread public questions or concerns. The ordinary public's voice is not being heard anywhere, nor is their face being displayed. Approximately 70% of people in india still reside in villages. In 2011, there were 68.84% more people living in rural areas and 31.16% more people living in urban areas. It's possible that this ratio has changed somewhat. In other words, the population of rural areas continues to be twice that of metropolitan areas.

The bulk of people reside in rural and village regions. When it comes to choosing the fate of political parties and forming governments, these individuals have the largest and most significant numerical influence. In spite of this, the faces of the villagers are never brought up in conversation during election season. Every time, their voices are lost in the backdrop. These people's faces are never shown in major publications, news outlets, or other forums where elections are discussed. The sumptuous trips of different leaders are a topic of much discussion. Even now, media outlets frequently feature images of minor and major officials attending mosques and temples.

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