Elections and the political trap of altercation...

There is insufficient discourse and little time for both the media and the major leaders to devote to the concerns of rural residents. Ironically, every type of narrative is predicated on a political conflict, even during election season. This political squabble lasts the entire election season. The public's concerns and problems continue to exist as they do.

Why this is happening and whether this is a new trend are the questions that need to be answered. Examining the indian political system closely reveals that this is not a novel custom or movement. A mostly comparable sight has been witnessed during election season ever since the country's parliamentary system was put into place and elections were first held. This is not a problem exclusive to the ruling party or any one party. Almost all political parties in the nation, along with their leaders, have contributed to this.

Nonetheless, there has been a sharp rise in this trend in recent years. Without a doubt, things have become worse on this front since prime minister Narendra Modi's bjp government took power in the nation. Real public issues used to receive attention from every platform during elections, albeit infrequently or to a certain level. But lately, things have gotten worse rather than better. Public issues are not even slightly dominant at this point in the election season. Although this is a painful fact, it is what it is.

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