Ladakh may see increased mobility in the future...

There is nothing new that the people of Ladakh are requesting. The people in the area simply want the BJP's promises and the Modi government's commitments to be carried on. The people of Ladakh are becoming impatient due to the disregard shown by the leadership in Delhi. Following the fast, Ladakh's local organizations have now made the decision to further up the movement's intensity. Additionally, Sonam Wangchuk has announced that roughly ten thousand Ladakhis will march in the direction of the Chinese border. 

The locals will stage this demonstration on the northern and southern shores of Pangong Lake in Demchok, Chushul. LAC has jurisdiction over the entire region. For this demonstration, two dates—March 27 and april 7—have been set. mass fasting is scheduled to take place in the predominantly Muslim city of Kargil between march 24 and march 27.

Wangchuk is pleading with prime minister Modi on several occasions.

Sonam Wangchuk appears committed to keeping up the fast in spite of her failing health. Additionally, he keeps asking prime minister Narendra Modi to give the Ladakh people's concerns some thought. Sonam Wangchuk argues that protecting the nature, glaciers, and culture of Ladakh is a critical concern. Here, constitutional protections must be implemented, and Ladakh can only be secured by adding the region to the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution. The idea that the people of Ladakh shouldn't be treated unfairly is at the center of the whole controversy.

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