Water and air in the country are polluted...let's understand...

Though Bengaluru is home to several of the world's most powerful technocrats, there is a lot of talk these days about the city's water scarcity. zero Water Day was already announced in Chennai. All of the nation's major cities struggle to maintain clean, clear water and air. No city in the world has any kind of live water management. Balance with nature has not received much attention in contemporary scientific thought. We attempted to deny our children their right to life, and this is the outcome. 

Natural disasters cause millions of people to perish, become homeless, and migrate every year. As a result, the demands of the average person in india should be given consideration by the government. In other words, before we can truly value democracy, we must work toward a prosperous, balanced, and developed India.

Periodically, there have been campaigns to conserve the environment in which individuals have given their lives. If we choose to overlook this, however, Swami Sanand, also known as Dr. G.D. Aggarwal, and, more recently, Sonam Wangchuk, took Gandhi's lead and voiced their opposition to the eco-side. This protest could eventually turn into a revolution since it is a possibility if the people who live in coastal areas or other areas vulnerable to natural disasters support it. Political parties should prioritize the protection of the Panchmahabhutas because of this.

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