Every particle contains poison dissolved in it...

Since plastic particles have dissolved in everything from milk to blood to water to air, living a decent existence in the modern world requires adhering to the laws of nature. Because of this, the nation now needs "environmental bonds" rather than "electoral bonds," or else humanity will face a severe crisis in the social, economic, and natural domains. Thus, a systematic democracy is seen by the general public as more important than election results. It follows that green democracy is required. 

The common people now demand a government that will protect the natural kingdom for their children and grandchildren; otherwise, the country's impoverished will have to deal with the catastrophes that the wealthy have produced in the name of progress. Alternatively, similar to Canada, india will also need to pay a rain tax in order to manage its storm water. This implies that the people who robbed the planet would mostly target the people who did nothing. The fact that people will eventually have to pay taxes or compensation or that nature already has self-balancing mechanisms in place is not a huge concern. 

According to a study, fewer people are becoming fertile, which means we face a demographic issue. Because everything in the cosmos is a part of nature, crops, clean, pure air and water, food grains, rivers, mountains, and forests are what truly constitute prosperity. The human body is an essential component of the natural structure for this reason. As a result, economists ought to establish guidelines prohibiting us from destroying our actual wealth in order to create artificial riches, as we currently do. Moving past vote-bank politics, the political party debate ought to now be the cornerstone of society.

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