Politics based on caste-let's understand...

Caste-based censuses can be somewhat helpful politically, but they cannot be a guide for creating jobs. It appears to be entangled in the political web of caste. Concerns around "cess" and high gas prices have been discussed in the manifesto. However, it remains quiet about the exorbitant Rs 32 petrol road cess toll. It was introduced with the intention of doing away with toll booths. Extortion of more than Rs 10 lakh crore through cess and toll gates must end. This is why inflation is so high. 

Congress makes no mention of this. It also says nothing about repealing the unconstitutional regulations pertaining to higher education costs and the destruction of cars and tractors. Farmers and regular households suffer enormous financial losses as a result of them. Millions of hearts could have been touched if there had been a little kindness. This presents a significant political opportunity to address public needs. The assurance that there will be no fees for job applications is a good one. It is comforting to hear the appeal for the opening of more Kasturba gandhi Balika Vidyalayas, Navodaya Vidyalayas, and Kendriya Vidyalayas.

Ideas regarding education

It is appropriate to establish free education up until the tenth grade. Will private public schools also experience this? The Uttar Pradesh congress government made the required modifications to the education system in the 1960s by instituting a system that paid teachers' wages out of the public coffers, even at private schools. That changed everything fundamentally. congress has made the decision to reexamine the Telecom Act of 2023 and strike down any clauses that infringe on the right to privacy and limit the freedom of speech and expression. It disregards other modifications to the indian Penal Code and Code of criminal Procedure, as well as the stricter indian Code. This gives the ED, CBI, and other agencies the ability to be abused. Still, there is optimism because congress promised to create a society free from terror. With these new initiatives, perhaps the political discourse will improve.

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