What is Green Islam: Why Doomsday night being talked about?


In indonesia, the nation with the world's largest Muslim population, talk of the "night of the doomsday" is spreading quickly these days. According to Islamic belief, everything will end on the night of apocalypse. Some Indonesian residents believe that this date will approach if we do not start to appreciate nature. Given that it is the world's biggest exporter of palm oil and coal, indonesia is greatly impacted by the climate catastrophe. There is a growing need in the nation for an environmentally conscious form of islam as some citizens are turning to religion for solace from the current predicament. We refer to this as Green Islam.

The renowned Imam Nasruddin Omar of indonesia has issued a climate change warning, saying that the sooner we become ungrateful for environment, the sooner the end of time would arrive. He has informed the populace that just like every day, it is their responsibility to save the environment. In addition to considering Imam Nasruddin Umar to be a brilliant Imam, many also take his words at face value. To hear him speak, a sizable throng had gathered in the mosque.

Is safeguarding the environment an obligation of Islam, similar to fasting?At the Istiqlal mosque in Jakarta, the nation's capital, Imam Nasrudddin Omar declared, "Our most dangerous shortcoming as humans is that we consider the earth as a mere object." The sooner the end of the world comes, the more ravenous we are toward the natural world. Similar to how we fast during Ramadan, we should likewise make it our duty to safeguard the environment. We should develop the daily habit of planting trees, just like we do with the namaz.

The nation with the biggest Muslim population is dealing with environmental issues.There are 27 crore people living in indonesia, the majority of them are Muslims. It is now dealing with environmental issues. Many parts of the nation are in danger of being flooded as a result of the increasing sea level. Significant variations in the weather are also seen.

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