This country is scared of balloons...?

There is an atmosphere of panic in south korea at this time, the government there has advised people not to come out of their homes. The government says that balloons are flying in the sky, do not try to touch them, if possible do not come out of the house, because they may contain garbage, excreta etc. It is alleged that north korea has released 150 balloons filled with garbage towards South Korea, these balloons have been found in 8 out of 9 states of South Korea. The country is in a bad condition due to garbage all around.

Balloons were filled with feces and garbage

After this incident, many people have also shared video photos on social media. local people say that some bags were tied with string in white balloons. These contained toilet paper, black soil and other materials including battery. At the same time, the administration has told the citizens that if they see any unknown object, they should file a report in the police station. South Korea's news agency said that there is also a possibility of feces in it. The South Korean military has called it a violation of international law. According to a Reuters report, the Military Explosive Ordinance, Chemical and Biological Warfare Response Team has been deployed for investigation. At the same time, citizens were warned to stay away from the balloons.

South Korea released pictures

After this incident, the South Korean army released some pictures, in which balloons and plastic bags tied to them were visible. In other pictures, garbage was seen scattered around the balloons fallen on the ground, in one of which the word 'feces' was written on a bag. Let us tell you that in the 1950s both North and south korea used balloons for propagandanow balloons are being used to spread dirt.

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