Students began participating in Waste Segregation Awareness!!!

The Edu Kids initiative was started by chennai Corporation's private solid waste management contractor to teach students the importance of waste segregation. students in seven zones (nine to fifteen) have participated in the program: Teynampet, Kodambakkam, Valasaravakkam, Alandur, Adyar, Perungudi, and Shollinganalur. It also fosters in young children a sense of environmental responsibility and awareness.

Prior to this, Mayor priya Rajan said that a practical lesson on solid waste management will be held, and that students at corporation schools will be required to learn the subject. Since the students should be made aware of this first. The private schools will also adopt this concept. Urbaser Sumeet is specifically created to teach schoolchildren the value of classifying waste into wet, dry, and home hazardous categories. Its goal is to practice solid waste segregation among the children. According to a formal announcement from the city corporation, children are encouraged to practice trash segregation at home through this fascinating course, and their efforts are recognized through a special report card system that is handed to each student at the end of each session.

Over 20 schools have been touched by Edu Kids, including 1,000 youngsters in this important environmental cause. 2,000 kg of waste have already been successfully separated at the source as a result of this program, which has already produced outstanding results. The Cleanliness Ambassador campaign (Thoomai Thoodhuvar) was also launched by the municipal corporation, highlighting the youth's proactive involvement in environmental conservation. students were given ID cards and badges as a sign of their participation in this project.

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