Don't keep these plants in your house..! If you violate it..?

Astrologers say that misfortune will come from 6 plants grown in houses. See details about it. Growing plants at home can make you look green and feel relaxed. But some plants can make our lives hell. Vastu Shastras speak about those unfortunate plants. Plants like Tulsi, Lotus, and jasmine not only purify the air in the house but also give Vastupadi benefits. Here are the plants that produce unfortunate results.
According to the Shastras, the henna plant is believed to possess evil powers. Planting this plant at home can spread negative energy. It completely destroys the happiness and peace of the home. Don't plant it at home.

Date tree:

Experts say that growing date palm trees in our homes can be harmful. Due to this, money will decrease in the house. Persimmon tree leads to money problems.
Tamarind Tree:

According to Vastu Shastra, the tamarind tree brings negativity to the house. Due to its cultivation, there is always an atmosphere of fear in the house. So don't plant at home. Do not plant a tamarind tree in the yard of the house. It is considered very bad. Although this tree is beautiful, it will increase the debt of the family members. It also increases diseases. Attention people!
Dry plants:

Thorny plants are said to bring bad results in Vastu Shastra. These should not be planted in and around the house. This will create a tense atmosphere in the house. Such plants increase mutual differences in the family.

Remove dead plants:

If the plants planted at home are drying up, it is better to remove them a lot. According to Vastu, dry trees and plants bring misery to the house. Dispose of them immediately.

It is a type of oak tree. Belongs to the shrub type. According to Shastras, growing it at home will increase controversies. As a result, family members start living like mentally ill people. Placing it around the house is considered inauspicious. It is enough to avoid growing these plants for peace and economic improvement in the home.

These ideas are completely based on astrology. Remember that is not scientific.

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