Do you keep a dog at home? Now license is mandatory...!?

To get a license for pet dogs, you have to pay Rs. 10 for the application form issued by the salem Corporation. The number of stray dogs has been increasing in the salem Corporation area for the past few days. Based on the guidelines laid down in the Animal Breeding Control (Dog) Rules, 2001, stray dogs roaming on the streets are caught by the health Department in the areas covered by the salem Corporation. Surgery is done for reproductive control. The rabies vaccine is also administered. Then, the dogs are taken to the preferred location. Before that, there was a system of staff catching stray dogs roaming the streets and obstructing the public and traffic.
At that time it was customary to license domestic dogs not to catch them. As the number of dogs kept in households is increasing in line with the increasing population in urban areas, there is a need to re-monitor licensing. Sometimes domesticated dogs are left without being properly groomed and fed. Their young are also left on the street. This is also one of the reasons for the proliferation of stray dogs. Also, it becomes impossible to enumerate the number of dogs kept at home. It is impossible to ensure that they are vaccinated, hygienically cared for, and neutered.
There is a risk of rabies transmission from unvaccinated domesticated dogs, and the risk of infection to dog breeders. Therefore, licensing and monitoring domesticated dogs can detect rabies, a disease that can be transmitted from animals to humans through micro-organisms and parasites. If treated, the disease can be prevented from spreading to others. Therefore, the health Inspectors and health Officers gave a report to the Municipal Welfare Officer and the Corporation Commissioner that steps can be taken to bring back the practice of issuing licenses to domesticated dogs in the areas under the Corporation.Following this, according to the tamil Nadu Urban Animals and Birds (Control and Regulation) Rules, permission has been given in the salem Corporation Board meeting to implement the system of issuing licenses subject to conditions and paying a fee of Rs.750. According to the health authorities, to get a license for domestic dogs, the application form provided by the salem Corporation should be paid Rs.10. Fill up the application form and pay the license fee of Rs.750 along with it. The license is valid for one year from 1st april to 31st March. The license has to be renewed annually by following the procedures for obtaining the license and paying a fee of Rs.50.Complete details like breed, sex, age, markings, etc. of the dog should be given along with the application. A postcard-size color photograph of the dog must be attached. A certificate from a state-registered veterinarian that the dog is rabies vaccinated, dewormed, and healthy must be attached. dogs will soon be licensed by the health Department. He said that the procedures will be implemented soon.

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