42 students are suspended over a drug problem....

According to The news Minute, 42 students at the Manipal Academy of Higher education (MAHE) in the Udupi district of karnataka have been suspended for reportedly using and selling drugs. The management was told by Udupi police about students' involvement in the drug epidemic starting in september 2022, which prompted the action.

A small number of students are engaged in drug dealing, according to the Udupi police, who promised to take strict action against them. 

"The suspended pupils won't be permitted to participate in any academic activities. Strong measures will be implemented against drug dealers, according to Udupi SP Hakay Akshay Machhindra.

The MAHE also disclosed that a month will pass between the suspension and the initiation of an internal probe. The school also disclosed that pupils who use drugs are directed to the student counsellors at MAHE.

A guy was detained in the Manipal region last week for peddling drugs through the town on a two-wheeler. Iqbal Shaikh, the defendant, is a 32-year-old man who was busted by authorities while supplying drugs. 

He was found to be in possession of 36 gm of marijuana, 0.36 gm of MDMA in plastic bags, a mobile phone, a Wi-Fi router, and currency. The estimated overall value of the items seized was 44,700. At the Manipal police station, a case has been reported, and an inquiry is ongoing.

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