Do phones contribute to childhood depression?

What impact does growing up in the social media and smartphone age have on children's mental health? It turns out that measuring it is not so simple. We may feel that we know instinctively that frequent smartphone scrolling is detrimental to mental health, particularly in adolescent development. Reports of a juvenile mental health crisis surface every year. We might even observe the consequences in our own lives. Additionally, children are using their phones more than they have historically. Anyone who has spent a significant amount of time around teenagers can agree with that. It turns out that there is more evidence to refute than you might believe linking excessive usage of mobile devices to mental health issues.

This is how using a smartphone can impact your mental well-being.

Fear of Being Left Out

There is a link between poor smartphone use and anxiety symptoms, according to recent studies. In a 2016 study, 308 participants answered a questionnaire aimed at determining the connection between the participants' use of cell phones and their mental health. Most people who scored highly on the dread of missing something have a tendency to use their phones excessively. These people also have high scores on sadness and anxiety questionnaires. This is due to the fact that using cell phones excessively disrupts social interactions, which in turn makes depression worse.


Smartphone use has been linked to higher rates of depression, according to a study conducted among teenagers titled "Do cell phones cause anxiety and depression?" According to this study, teens who engaged in non-screen activities were happier than those who spent all of their time on their phones.

Sleep Disorders 

Numerous things might interfere with sleep, one of which is using a phone a lot, especially late at night. Using your phone excessively at night is bad for your brain. This is a result of blue light coming from smartphone screens. The brain is confused by this light because it mimics the brightness of the sun.

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