New problem in Bangalore...!?Why only on wednesday & Thursday..?!

Bangalore city has many advantages like IT, multi-lingual culture, a city that is always full of young people, but it is famous for its bad traffic. Even today, no one can forget that Bangalore city was free for almost a month after the lockdown. But ever since offices cut the work-from-home offer and ordered employees to come to the office, the traffic problem has worsened. Especially on Wednesdays and Thursdays of the week, traffic congestion is very heavy across Bangalore. Generally, it is the nature of Bangalore to have traffic problems throughout the week, but recently there has been heavy traffic only on these two days of the week, so you have to plan ahead.
What is the reason for this..? Currently, 80 percent of the companies in Bangalore have made it mandatory for their employees to come to the office 3 days a week. This has created a culture of working from home on monday and Friday. As a result, 90 out of 100 people come to the office mostly on Tuesday, wednesday, and Thursday. Especially on Wednesdays and Thursdays Bangalore roads are full of vehicles. As a result, Wednesdays and Thursdays witness heavy traffic as a result of office-going crowds and business activities, the state capital's transport department said. Bengaluru police Joint Commissioner (Traffic) MN Anuseth said that there is heavy traffic in Bangalore city every Wednesday. The Bengaluru traffic police has been collecting traffic data every hour from 33 IT parks in key areas like the Outer Ring Road (ORR) and sarjapur Road. And most working IT professionals said they prefer to work from their offices on Wednesdays. Similarly, the weekend starts on thursday night for most of the employees in Bangalore. And the austerity of going to the office on monday has reduced to a great extent among the employees.

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