Water should be used carefully - Delhi, lucknow & Patna...

The scarcity of water in Bengaluru, Karnataka, has sparked a public uproar as the temperature rises. Drinking water is a 24-hour wait for city dwellers. But this wait won't be enough to address the water scarcity. The Bengaluru administration claims that the water issue will worsen in the future since it is nearly difficult to resolve before the rains arrive in this southern state where the heat waves persist until the end of July.

Bengaluru's water crisis did not develop overnight. This is the result of 50 years of disregard and an immoral relationship between the mafia and the government. As a result, the water crisis in Bengaluru—once known as the city of lakes—is currently making headlines. The report will go into great length on the scope of this issue and the circumstances surrounding it, but other cities such as Patna, Delhi, and lucknow should take note of Bengaluru's water dilemma. These cities' future conditions might resemble Bengaluru's if this warning is not heeded in a timely manner.

How serious is Bengaluru's water crisis?

For the past fifteen days, Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, has been experiencing a water crisis. Tankers are delivering water to individuals on a rotating basis. Tankers are also used to provide water to chief minister Siddaramaiah's home. The government had released a water advisory on the occasion of Holi. 22 persons are said to have received fines of Rs 1 lakh each for disobeying the advice. The local media reports that tanker rates are rising daily as a result of the water scarcity. In Bengaluru, a tanker of water used to cost about Rs 800-1000, but now it costs almost Rs 12,000.

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