National Exercise Day : As We Run We Become!!!

Being active is essential to wellbeing. It supports our continued health, fitness, and prevention of disease. Many chronic disease symptoms can be reduced with exercise. Maintaining a regular exercise schedule is crucial. Exercise doesn't always have to be strenuous; low-impact activities like cycling or strolling can be just as effective. Another type of workout regimen that uses a holistic approach to treat the body and mind is yoga. Experts in health advise us to maintain our health by following a set and consistent exercise schedule. Maintaining a healthy diet and way of life is also crucial.

National Exercise Day is celebrated annually to highlight the value of regular exercise in our lives. Here are some things to keep in mind as we prepare to commemorate this unique day.

Date: april 18 is National Exercise Day. Every year. 

Exercises have a long history. One of the earliest organized physical activities that promoted mental and spiritual clarity was yoga, which originated in ancient Greece. Germanic tribes in Northern europe employed workouts as a survival strategy. Jerry Morris later established the connection between exercise and physical health in 1949 when he examined the varied types of heart attacks that people from different socioeconomic backgrounds had depending on how much exercise they did.

Significance: Starting a fitness regimen and sticking with it are the greatest ways to celebrate this unique day. people are urged to begin exercising on this day. Additionally, it raises awareness of how crucial exercise is to having a fit and healthy body. Exercise can help us manage our stress levels and reduce the symptoms of long-term illnesses. It also keeps us content and focused.

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