Have you ever found yourself thinking about the stunning beaches and clear waters of the maldives yet been put off by the high cost? Don't worry, Tripura Resort in hyderabad has shown its very own little piece of Maldivian paradise. With the Maldives-themed resort near hyderabad, you can now treat your loved ones to a summer getaway that will transport them to the maldives without breaking the budget.

Situated on the Shankarpally-Chevella Road, the resort offers a unique atmosphere with its Maldives-style villas set within six acres of lush flora. With 24 regular cottages and 4 suite cottages, the property offers a tranquil setting ideal for family vacations or gatherings in the great outdoors.
"At Tripura, we provide a selection of facilities to enhance guests' stays. Visitors may enjoy the water around the resort by going on excursions on paddle boats or by swimming in a pool with separate areas for kids and adults. The general manager of Tripura Resort, Kamaraju Gupta, added, "We also have an in-house restaurant along with complimentary breakfast for your stay."

Beyond relaxation, Tripura Resort offers flexible spaces for a range of activities. Every event may be set against the breathtaking backdrop of nature thanks to open lawns that can hold up to 1,000 visitors, a convention centre that can hold up to 500 guests, and a lawn by the pool for private get-togethers.
"We've carefully designed our cottages and lounges to emulate the charm of the maldives, inviting guests to bask in the sun and unwind in true Maldivian fashion," he continued.
Apart from the picturesque environs and uniquely designed villas, the resort provides an array of facilities to suit every taste.

In order to relax and strengthen relationships with loved ones, guests may play indoor games or use the well-equipped on-site gym facilities to continue their fitness regimen. Cottages with the chance to observe spectacular sunrises or sunsets are available for those looking for the ultimate experience and breathtaking views, adding even more charm to your stay.
Tripura provides day trip packages for anyone who wish to explore the resort without spending the night, priced at Rs 1,250 + GST per person.
Tripura offers a cost-effective substitute for a vacation in the maldives, with ordinary cottages priced at Rs 6,999 plus GST and deluxe cottages at Rs 8,999 plus GST.

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