Quarrel in married life! know the advice of Supreme Court...

If a married couple fights around you or in your family, is your first reaction to call the police? If yes, then stop for a while and read this advice from the supreme Court. The supreme court of the country has recently made strict remarks regarding the role of police in the fight between married couples. The court has said that the foundation of every marriage is based on tolerance, respect and adjustment. Arguments between husband and wife are normal. In such a situation, if a family calls the policeit means that they want to end the marriage. The supreme court says that the police should be called only during violent incidents. Calling the police for a panacea is like sacrificing relationships.

Read in 5 points what advice the court has given.

1. If there is a fight between husband and wife after marriagethen the police should not be called immediately. Seek help from the police last of all when actual violent incidents have taken place during a fight.

2. Relatives should exercise restraint in disputes between husband and wife. Many times, minor disputes are made very big by both parties, after which the scope for improving the relationship is lost.

3. Married couples do not think while fighting, what will be achieved by this? The initiation of criminal proceedings has a direct impact on children. It is very important to think about this.

4. The police are not the panacea for all evils, but in case of a quarrel between husband and wife, women often call the police immediately. Calling the police means ending the relationship completely.

5. The foundation of a good marriage rests on tolerance, adjustment and respecting each other. There should be the ability to tolerate mistakes from both sides to a certain extent, only then the marriage can be successful.

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