In an exclusive interview with, "Godfather" director Mohan raja gave many fascinating details about the movie beginning to end. He has provided some insight into the director's thought process as it relates to creating a film, so this is not just casual conversation. starting with simple phrases like "My assigned task was completed. I simply cared about providing the finest. Things went well, and I am satisfied overall "He furthered his opening as he emerged.

Speaking about his feelings towards directing chiranjeevi "It is unquestionably not a little matter. This is the biggest movie with a huge celebrity who has already been in 153 movies. The director's perception of the hero is also important. There is a completely new demand on how to exhibit him differently. My father, Editor Mohan, taught me how to picture a scenario from the perspective of the theatre audience. I don't let my preferences get the best of me. I picture myself in the theatre, surrounded by people. I try to picture their reactions in various situations. I believe my imagery was correct ".

When discussing his first-time viewing of lucifer, he said: "I thought the screenplay for lucifer was creative when I first viewed it. In terms of hiding the hero and gradually revealing him, I compare lucifer to an evolved form of Rajnkanth's Basha. I felt freshness in the screenplay". Additionally, Mohan raja explained why he chose to direct chiranjeevi and the reasons behind the script modifications. He offered many analyses of the movie that proved to be both interesting information for movie fans and a lesson for today's filmmakers.

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