Celebrities visit other nations to ring in the new year and celebrate the season. mahesh babu and NTR's families are now on vacation. Keerthy suresh travelled to thailand while other actresses visited the Maldives. She chose Koh Samui as her New Year's Eve destination in order to avoid the typical overcrowded tourist hotspots like bangkok and the Phuket Islands. One of Thailand's largest islands is Ko Samui. instagram is being used by Keerthy suresh to post pictures from her most recent vacation.

She said she started to appreciate the small, empty space. She said Koh Samui's airport is very cute. There's also a buzz that Keerthy suresh might spice up her social media feed by uploading bikini photos soon from this vacation as she already started posting some pictures on her instagram story from her pool side view.

Keerthy suresh has definitive plans for 2023 after failing miserably with some big failures and she looks to score hits right now and she understood glamour tool can only provide the initial momentum for sure. This vacation might be an inertia before getting into the shooting and doing some glamorous acts and she is also planning some spicy photoshoot clicks before going for full fledged shooting.

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